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Written by Wilma
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 16:34

DEAR fellows !
Here's an update over the orphanage situation .
As many people have understood by now , it's not a child's play to start an orphanage in the Philippines. We have fought and continue to fight to make it a reality . We in the COS will be as heartbroken every time a new obstacle appears. Distraught! because we fought so long for street children and also YOU who help and support us must get back something by experiencing the joy that the orphanage's fulfillment to give .
Along the way , we have made judgments and statements about WHEN the orphanage program  must be in operation . THERE, we see today as a major mistake and the planning around is completely unpredictable. We have hoped and really thought that it would be so easy, but NOT.
We will reach our goal , but it will take long time. The earthquake that destroyed most of the island where the orphanage is located , doesnt do anything that makes the processing so slow. Recent surveys and  inspections of the building was required by the authorities. Our focus was also changed in a flash when suddenly hundreds of thousands of people became homeless and nothing worked.
Yolanda compelled us to set up in a matter of life and death.
We in COS is lack of leaders in Bohol , Papa Boy is the only HEAD that makes most of the improtant things  that happens in the Philippines. It is he who is forced to take fights with the authorities and all the crazy paper circus that goes around the license applications before he pass it on to our trusted friend lawyer Dax Montealgre (volunteer). It is far to Cebu where authorities are houses and they switch/change administrator all the time. Philippine style is endless. Papa Boy feel tremendous stress over not being able to satisfy the COS and contributors. He is so faithful to his task and will never give up . He's the big hero to us all.
There will be a little frustrating when you also know that you expect bribes from organizations in wealthy countries such as Sweden .
However, we will never succumb to such crap. Therefore, it takes time too. We continue to safely and back straight way to ensure that children are better off there and trying to make it easier for them where they are before the orphanage can open the gates.
We struggle on with Boy at the tip. We will reach our goal in the end and we will not let ourseleves be corrupted.

Thank you for all your support!
Kenneth Bergstedt ( COS Founder) 


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