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Written by Wilma
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 18:33

Christmas in the World.

Now approaching Christmas with all that implies . Christmas buffets are succumbed and in the children's eyes lights joy . For most people , Christmas is a joyous festival with much warmth and love.
We indulge a little extra for Christmas and we do this right in.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world is a little boy in a box. It's Christmas Eve, and he knows that. From department stores have been playing Christmas carols for three months, have hanged up christmas decorations and developed their lightings.
The boy cannot sleep because his stomach is aching with emptiness . He has no clothes, and he 's dirty, scared and lonely because no one cares and he knows that.

I have seen the boy, and our goal in the organization COS is that next Christmas he will sleep in a bed, feels loved and someone cares and he knows that. He has a future.

We have taken upon ourselves the task and will ensure that it becomes a reality but you all around me must also help. The responsibility also lies on you.
The world's children are yours as much as ours. They are our future and in which we must all invest.

The Philippines has been poor and in great need of help for long. It was not just better when Yolanda typhoon and earthquake Gunil destroyed much of the country and leaves behind hundreds of thousands homeless and the figure on the number of street children likely to increase enormously .
It may still be quite easy for us in safe Sweden to make a line bet that makes change for a child in the Philippines.

Give a penny into the non-profit COS managing your gift so that it will be full to the right recipient. Bankgiro No: 251-0634 .
Merry Christmas from Karl -Bertil .

( Kenneth Bergstedt

A dozen of big Balikbayan Boxes are on its way to Bohol Philippines this Christmas full of happy things for kids and for the people who needed the most. 


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Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 18:48